Rainier Behavioral Health

We appreciate our clients!

 "....extremely satisfied! Always very pleasant and happy to help. I always feel like family. "

"My doctor is the best! ........straight-forward, kind, knowledgeable, and very patient."

"....my provider is wonderful."


I love my doctor.....tells me like it is. I need someone to be straight up with me.... is straight up with me.."

"Great experience overall. "

" We had grown a great deal with our providers help. .... our go to counselor if we need help before, now, and in the future. Have recommended to others in the past."

" Positive experience at your office and will return in the future."

"My provider 

is a skilled and compassionate psychologist."

" Love


"My provider is absolutely amazing ..... has changed my life, marriage and become an invaluable part of my growth."

"Love my doctor...love all your staff."

"Intake Coordinators are extremely knowledgeable.."

"...friendly staff, great atmosphere and my provider has been extremely helpful!"

"...great team....would recommend!"

"Front office 
has been remarkable from my very first appointment!"

"Rainier is a wonderful office with wonderful staff. Very helpful & caring."

"... great Psychologist. .... the first psychologist I have seen where I get to actually talk about my issues. Then we go from there."

"I had a very nice feeling talking to the clinic people."

Thank you!

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