Play Slots Online For Free or Real Money

Play Slots Online For Free or Real Money

Online slots come in all different shapes and sizes and most online casinos have a wide variety of each type, including classic slots, video slots and the recently introduced 3D i-Slots. These games could have just one winning payline up to 100 paylines and some feature special symbols, free spins and entertaining bonus rounds to help boost a player’s bankroll.

Slots tend to be the main attraction at most online casinos and they usually make up most of the games that a casino has. These slots are generally categorised by genre, including the previously mentioned classic slots, video slots and i-Slots.

Classic slots usually have just three reels and between one and five winning paylines. They are very easy to play and lack bonus symbols and bonus rounds. These slots are ideal for new players or for those who simply prefer games that are less challenging. Just set you coin value and the amount you want to bet per line and then hit spin. The paytable is generally displayed directly in front of you and all you have to do is spin the reels and hope for a win. Video slots generally have five reels and can have anywhere from between 10 and 100 winning paylines. These slots are slightly more complex than classic slots and generally involve a bonus round of some sort. The reels will consist of more symbols and will also have symbols such as Wilds and Scatters and Bonus symbols which can trigger special features.

The scatter symbols generally trigger free spins and the wild symbols will substitute and combine with other symbols to generate additional line wins. However, these wild symbols will generally not substitute scatter or bonus symbols. This is less complicated than it actually sounds.

Players also just have to hit spin with video slots but once the bonus round has been activated, they are transported to a second screen to play out a simple bonus game which is usually a picking round where players can win extra prizes. Once you have clicked on certain items, hidden values will be revealed and then added to your balance. Once this has finished, you are then taken back to the reels for regular play.

i-Slot have recently cause a storm with their stunning graphics, innovative sound effects and impressive bonus rounds. These are similar to video slots but appear much more advanced. Some even have cascading reels, which means that instead of the reels spinning regularly, symbols basically fall into place from above.

Also, some modern slots offer up to 243 ways of winning, instead of having the more common paylines. These slots are ideal for players who are always looking for additional ways to win when playing on a slot. Autospin is a common feature, plus many of the slots now available have a full screen mode, which allows players to fully immerse themselves into the game. Playing in the full screen mode is highly recommended, especially with the latest slots that have amazing sounds and graphics. Online slots are a great deal of fun and are well worth checking out. Whatever one you decide to play on, remember to just hit spin and hope for a win.